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Each participant is launched in the specified location. These locations are associated with physical data centers therefore simulation is very close to a real-life scenario. Loadero has these available locations to choose from:

  • AP East - Hong Kong
  • AP Northeast - Tokyo
  • AP Northeast - Seoul
  • AP South - Mumbai
  • AP Southeast - Sydney
  • EU Central - Frankfurt
  • EU West - Ireland
  • EU West - Paris
  • SA East - São Paulo
  • US East - North Virginia
  • US East - Ohio
  • US West - Oregon

Loadero IP addresses

Loadero participants inherit the IP address from the instance they are launched. Since single instance can be running multiple participants, some of the IP addresses will be shared among participants. By default, IP addresses are assigned to instances randomly, hence we can't predict the IP address that will be used. But for 2 regions we have configured a static IP address that you can use to whitelist that address in your firewall and run Loadero tests:

  • EU Central - Frankfurt:
  • US East - Ohio: