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Network Conditions

Network conditions allow to simulate participants with different types of network connections, like 4G or 3G, and some other network limitations users might have. The table below summarizes specific settings of each network configuration and serves as a reference point for choosing appropriate settings. If network settings differ for incoming/outgoing flow, the incoming setting is given first. Where no value is given - the network is not limited.

Network mode is a parameter that is used by the Update Network custom command to update network conditions during the test.

Available network conditions

Network modeBandwidthPacket lossLatencyJitter
4G100mbps / 50mbps0.2%45ms5ms / 15ms
3.5G/HSPDA20mbps / 10mbps0.5%150ms10ms
GPRS80kbps / 20kbps1%650ms100ms
Edge200kbps / 260kbps1%650ms100ms
Asymmetric500kbps / 1000kbps50ms10ms
Satellite phone1000kbps / 256kbps600ms
5% packetloss5%
10% packetloss10%
20% packetloss20%
50% packetloss50%
100% packetloss100%
High latency500ms50ms
High jitter200ms100ms

You can also apply fully custom network settings. That can be done from within the test script itself and not from the Loadero web application. In this case any parameter that is not specified takes the default value of an unlimited setting.