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TestUI (Java)

Loadero uses TestUI (Java) to handle participant action simulation.

TestUI documentation can be found here.

In addition to built-in TestUI commands, there are additional custom commands to accomplish tasks that would not be possible with the vanilla version of the framework.

Available third party libraries

Additional libraries are installed and available in the script:

Available imports from TestUI - v1.2.10

  • Non-static
    • testUI.Configuration;
    • testUI.Utils.TestUIException
    • testUI.collections.UICollection
    • testUI.elements.UIElement
    • testUI.BrowserLogs
  • Static
    • testUI.UIOpen.navigate
    • testUI.UIUtils.putLog
    • testUI.UIUtils.executeJs
    • testUI.Utils.AppiumHelps.sleep
    • testUI.Utils.By.*
    • testUI.elements.TestUI.E
    • testUI.collections.TestUI.EE
    • testUI.TestUIDriver.getSelenideDriver
    • testUI.TestUIDriver.setDriver