Member Permissions

Member Permissions #

Project creator automatically gains Administrator role.

Specific Member Role Permissions #

This table below summarizes what actions can be performed by each role, to help picking an appropriate role a member.

Create ProjectXXX
View ProjectXXX
Change Project NameX
Delete ProjectX
Invite MemberX
View MemberXXX
View All MembersXXX
Edit MemberX
Remove MemberX
View Invited MemberXXX
View All Invited MembersXXX
Edit Invited MemberX
Remove Invited MemberX
View TestXXX
View All TestsXXX
Create TestXX
Copy TestXX
Edit TestXX
Delete TestXX
Create GroupXX
Copy GroupXX
View GroupXXX
View All GroupsXXX
Edit GroupXX
Delete GroupXX
Create ParticipantXX
Copy ParticipantXX
View ParticipantXXX
View All ParticipantsXXX
Edit ParticipantXX
Delete ParticipantXX
Create AssertXX
Copy AssertXX
View AssertXXX
View All AssertsXXX
Edit AssertXX
Delete AssertXX
Start TestXX
Stop TestXX
View Test RunXXX
View All Test RunsXXX
View Project Active RunsXXX
View Single ResultXXX
View ResultsXXX
View Result StatisticsXXX
View Test Run ParticipantXXX
View All Test Run ParticipantsXXX
Download Result LogsXXX
Download MediaXXX
Download LogsXXX
Create AWS infoX
View AWS infoX
Edit AWS infoX
Delete AWS infoX