Participant View

Participant View #

Summary #

Summary view which has machine statistics for the selected participant. This is available only for a ​performance test.

Asserts #

Here you can see specific test assertion values for the ​selected participant.

Asserts are available only for performance tests.

Logs #

In the logs view,​ you can see available logs for the particular test.

Log typePerformanceLoadSession Recording
Browser logsXXX
Selenium logXXX
WebRTC internals dumpXX
Browser logs are available only for Google Chrome browser.

Artifacts #

Artifacts are media which is downloaded for a ​specific participant. There are 3 types of artifacts you can add to your test via script:

WebRTC statistics #

Once the tests collects available WebRTC data in WebRTC internals dump file, you can analyze it in WebRTC statistics tab. There you can find various graphs for different data. You can zoom in by selecting a portion of the graph or you can filter by selecting/deselecting specific category at the bottom of the graph.

WebRTC statistics are available only for performance tests.