Py-TestUI (Python)

Py-TestUI (Python) #

Loadero uses Py-TestUI (Python) to handle participant action simulation. Py-TestUI offers a lot of its commands to handle interaction with the browser while providing also direct access to underlying Selenium driver.

Py-TestUI documentation can be found here.

In addition to built-in Py-TestUI commands, Loadero team is implementing additional custom commands to accomplish other tasks that would not be possible otherwise.

Available third party libraries #

Additional libraries are installed and available in the script:

Available imports from TestUI #

  • testui.elements.testui_element.e

Sections #

Loadero variables implemented for TestUI-Python test execution environment.
Loadero custom constants implemented for TestUI-Python test execution environment.
Script Examples
Some example scripts that can be immediately plugged in Loadero to run a test.
Custom Commands
Custom commands that extend TestUI-Python built-in commands to accommodate Loadero specific features.