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Member Permissions


Project creator automatically gains Administrator role.

Specific Member Role Permissions

Project member permissions determine what project related actions can be performed by each member. There are three different roles (in levels as defined) with various permission levels - visitor, developer, administrator. It's recommended to evaluate which role should be applied for each member to improve project level security.

Visitor role members do not have access to endpoints that modify any data which also includes creating new data, that's why this member role should be applied to only members that will not launch tests.

Developer role members is a level up from visitor role with addition of access to data modification with the only restrictions being project settings. This member role is most suited for test engineers that will create, modify and run tests.

Administrator role members have the highest level of permissions with access to all project related actions. These members are able to manage the project settings including billing and other member permissions.


Administrator role members get full permissions that also include ability to modify billing settings or delete the project.

Available Read Actions

View project (incl. plan usage)XXX
View membersXXX
View filesXXX
View testsXXX
View groupsXXX
View participantsXXX
View assertsXXX
View test runsXXX
View resultsXXX
View result statisticsXXX
View billingX

Available Edit Actions


Edit actions are not available for members with visitor role.

Create testXX
Copy testXX
Edit testXX
Delete testXX
Start test runXX
Stop test runXX
Create groupXX
Copy groupXX
Edit groupXX
Delete groupXX
Create participantXX
Copy participantXX
Edit participantXX
Delete participantXX
Create assertXX
Copy assertXX
Edit assertXX
Delete assertXX
Create subscriptionX
Edit subscriptionX
Cancel subscriptionX
Change project nameX
Change project languageX
Delete projectX
Invite memberX
Edit memberX
Remove memberX