Test results

Test results can be viewed by clicking "View results" button for any test that has been successfully executed. If the test has finished with an error during execution (Server Error, Aborted, etc.) or the test is still running, the results won't be available.

In test results view you can find 4 tabs (depending on the test type and acquired data):

Report Summary

Test results summary allows to briefly view information about a particular test in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of your test there are multiple visualized metrics you can see:

Metrics Performance Load Session Recording
Active participants X X X
Load X X X
Machine statistics X

Active participants

Active participants view enables​ you to see success​ rate of participants for the specific test and group them by following attributes:

  • location
  • browser
  • network
  • media


Load view shows a number of active participants during the test execution and their relation to time. You can view either all participants or only failed ones.

Machine statistics

Machine statistics is the resource usage during the test for each participant. This data is collected once every second for each participant independently and later aggregated together. You can automatically check expectations on machine statistics using post-run assertions. Note, that the data in this table is not affected by the assertions ran.

Name Description
CPU Actual value in percentage
RAM Used and available storage in megabytes (MB)
Network bytes Transmitted and received network bytes in kilobytes
Network packets (per second) Transmitted and received network packets
Network errors (per second) Transmitted and received network errors
Network packets dropped (per second) Transmitted and received dropped network packets


Here you can find information about all participants at a glance, most importantly, their run status. By clicking on a specific participant you can get more information.


Summary view which has machine statistics for the selected participant. This is available only for a ​performance test.


Here you can see specific test assertion values for the ​selected participant.

[!WARNING] Asserts are available only for performance tests.


In the logs view,​ you can see available logs for the particular test.

Log type Performance Load Session Recording
Browser logs X X X
Selenium log X X X
WebRTC internals dump X

[!WARNING] Browser logs are available only for Google Chrome browser


Artifacts are media which is downloaded for a ​specific participant. There are 3 types of artifacts you can add to your test via script:

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