Participant Configuration

Participant Configuration #

Participant Groups
Participant groups is a logical unit that allows to define common property for a set of Loadero test run participants. Groups can be used to launch participants at the same time or to define a static property such as video call ID for some participants.
Browsers summarise details about different browser options that are available in Loadero.
Compute Units
To specify machine resources needed for a participant, Loadero offers predefined compute unit values to pick for better test execution.
Locations are the physical datacenters that the participant can be launched from. Use of different locations allows increased load and different latencies to the server.
Network Conditions
Network conditioning lets you specify degraded network settings for a participant to simulate real world conditions where network may not be stable.
Media selection allows to define what resolution video file will be used as the participant’s webcam input. Different resolutions have different constraints on network and server load.