Compute Units

Compute Units #

Compute units allow specifying how many machine resources will be needed for a single participant. Some tests require more computing power to run smoothly, but some need less than usual, thats why picking the correct compute unit value is critical for a smooth test run and cost optimisation.

Each full compute unit corresponds to 0.5 CPU core and 1 GB of system memory. In total Loadero currently offers 5 compute unit settings.

Compute unitCPU coresMemory
G0.50.250.5 GB
G10.51 GB
G212 GB
G424 GB
G636 GB

Default compute unit value for participants created using API is G2 (1 CPU core and 2 GB System memory), but participants created using front-end app by default will have G1.

Remember that group count and participant count will multiply used compute units. For example, when creating a participant with G2 compute unit and participant count is set to 10, it will result in total 20 (2 * 10) compute units used.

Subscription limits #

Each project subscription plan has some sort of limitation on how many compute units can be used in a single test and how many in total in the billing period.

All paid subscriptions (except Enterprise) can run max 200 000 compute units in a month. In case a higher compute unit limit is needed, contact support to apply for Enterprise subscription.
Subscription planMax compute units in a testBase included compute units (per month)Highest allowed compute unit size
Pay as you go: Essential20 000-G2
Pay as you go: Ultimate50 000-G6
Monthly10 00010 000G6
Yearly10 00010 000G6

Check out our pricing page for more detailed subscription plan comparison.

For example, a test running 100 participants with compute unit value set to G4, will result in 400 compute unit usage. Using the full limit of the monthly subscription plan (10 000 compute units), it’s possible to launch from 1 666 G6 participants (1 666 * 6 = 9996) to 20 000 G0.5 participants (20 000 * 0.5 = 10 000) in a single run, depending on the compute unit configuration.