Network Conditions

Network Conditions #

The table below summarizes specific settings of each network configuration and serves as a reference point for choosing appropriate settings. If network settings differ for incoming/outgoing flow, the incoming setting is given first. Where no value is given - the network is not limited.

networkMode is a parameter that is used by custom Nightwatch updateNetwork() and TestUI command updateNetwork() to update network conditions during the test.

Available network conditions #

Network modeBandwidthPacket lossLatencyJitter
4G100mbps / 50mbps0.2%45ms5ms / 15ms
3.5G/HSPDA20mbps / 10mbps0.5%150ms10ms
GPRS80kbps / 20kbps1%650ms100ms
Edge200kbps / 260kbps1%650ms100ms
Asymmetric500kbps / 1000kbps50ms10ms
Satellite phone1000kbps / 256kbps600ms
5% packetloss5%
10% packetloss10%
20% packetloss20%
50% packetloss50%
100% packetloss100%
High latency500ms50ms
High jitter200ms100ms