TestUI (Java)

TestUI (Java) #

Loadero uses TestUI (Java) to handle participant action simulation.

TestUI documentation can be found here.

In addition to built-in TestUI commands, there are additional custom commands to accomplish tasks that would not be possible with the vanilla version of the framework.

Available third party libraries #

Additional libraries are installed and available in the script:

Available imports from TestUI #

  • Non-static
    • testUI.Utils.TestUIException
    • testUI.collections.UICollection
    • testUI.elements.UIElement
    • testUI.BrowserLogs
  • Static
    • testUI.UIOpen.open
    • testUI.UIOpen.navigate
    • testUI.UIUtils.putLog
    • testUI.UIUtils.executeJs
    • testUI.Utils.AppiumHelps.sleep
    • testUI.Utils.By.*
    • testUI.elements.TestUI.E
    • testUI.collections.TestUI.EE
    • testUI.TestUIDriver.getSelenideDriver

Sections #

Loadero variables implemented for TestUI-Java test execution environment.
Loadero custom constants implemented for TestUI-Java test execution environment.
Script Examples
Some example scripts that can be immediately plugged in Loadero to run a test.
Custom Commands
Custom commands that extend TestUI-Java built-in commands to accommodate Loadero specific features.