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Direct API Access


There is documentation of Loadero API available in form of Swagger 2.0 doc. It is available here.

We recommend to view it using Swagger Editor. To do so, copy all JSON found in previous step and paste it in Swagger Editor. There you can easily view all available endpoints and required data for each of them.


REST API is not accessible to trial projects.

Project access token

Project access token provides direct API access in the scope of single project it was specifically created for. To access Loadero exposed REST API endpoints, just add Authorization header with value consisting of LoaderoAuth token type, and provided access token separated by whitespace.


Project access token is limited to a single project and therefore cannot be used across multiple projects.

Access token can be restricted to have only specific scopes available. There are few CRUD scopes that are not available for project access token as they require Administrator access privileges within project:


Also PROJECT CRUD scopes have been restricted to allow to read your own project information all other actions are prohibited.


Project access tokens can be created in the API access tab of the project settings page.

Project token usage example

curl -X GET '{project_id}/' \
-H 'Authorization: LoaderoAuth EXAMPLE_ACCESS_TOKEN'